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Style Collective Party at La Voile

We must go out and actively seek the life we have dreamt of. That is to say, in order to achieve what we want, we need to be intentional about pursuing our passions. We often must work to create the very situations in which we would like to find ourselves. This includes putting in the effort to find “your people” and making a conscious choice to surround yourself with positive and supportive individuals who help to bring out your best, most authentic self.

I am currently a French teacher by day, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger by evening. I created Paris, Meet Boston as a means of expression, so that I could write about my life philosophy as well as curate and share the things that I love with those who share my love of French style and culture and believe that the best parts of it can be recreated and wonderfully infused into our daily lives in the United States, or wherever you may find yourself in the world. You can read more fully about the inspiration for my blog in my first ever blog post, Inspiration: Paris, Meet Boston.

**The following part of this blog post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Once I had created my blog, I naturally felt inclined to connect with other bloggers who were doing similar things to what I was doing. Through following my interests on Instagram and following other bloggers, I discovered a group called Style Collective, founded by blogger and lifestyle entrepreneur Annie Spano, whom I have since gotten to know as an intelligent woman of vision who is a beautiful person inside and out. She has already inspired me so much as I continue on my fashion and lifestyle blogging, novel-writing, and entrepreneurial journey. You can follow her on Instagram @annie_spano.

Style Collective is a blogging community and one-stop shop for fashion bloggers to grow and connect with women in the industry they love. SC shares resources for bloggers, networking opportunities, and ways to attend NYFW and other fashion weeks with fellow female fashion and lifestyle bloggers. SC will also soon be launching a members-only online platform for brands and influencers to connect and do business together.

One of the best perks of being an SC member is that Style Collective members organize frequent local meet-ups all over the U.S. and the world for social media influencers who want to connect with their local #SCsisters. If you’re a female blogger yourself, I highly encourage you to become a part of Style Collective: Join Style Collective here!

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a Style Collective party for local social media influencers at the gorgeous La Voile restaurant on Newbury Street in Boston to celebrate the launch of the “Becoming Fearless” Style Collective Podcast! The mission of the podcast is to inspire and empower women all over the world through leadership, self-development, and a little bit of hustle. Each week, the podcast brings followers inspirational stories for leading a life of passion, purpose, and authenticity.

La Voile Boston

La Voile restaurant, 261 Newbury Street, Boston (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Our host restaurant, the beautiful French oasis in Boston known as La Voile, could not have treated our group of social media influencers better. As a big French foodie in Boston myself, La Voile has naturally been a favorite restaurant of mine for a while and was an obvious choice for a venue for our Style Collective luncheon.

Style Collective at La Voile Boston

The beautiful bar at La Voile restaurant, 261 Newbury Street, Boston. This French gem in Boston transports you right back to France. (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC girls meeting at La Voile

Style Collective Founder Annie Spano mingling with #SCsisters @amodestlife and @klassicallykaytee at La Voile restaurant, 261 Newbury Street, Boston (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Style Collective Podcast Launch Mingling

Yours truly, Lindsay Shores of @parismeetboston, chatting with Style Collective Founder @annie_spano and Boston Style Collective girls at La Voile restaurant, 261 Newbury Street, Boston. (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

The maître d’hôtel and part-owner of the restaurant, Jérôme, graciously offered complimentary Kir Royale apéritifs to our group as we enjoyed gorgeous amuse-bouches (a delightful surprise from the chef!) of foie gras on toast and saumon fumé as well as an assortment of French fromages. 

Style Collective Kir Royale at La Voile

Our Parisian serveur, Alexis, exemplified French service excellence at La Voile restaurant, 261 Newbury Street, Boston (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Kir Royale at La Voile

If you haven’t yet adopted the French Kir Royale as your apéritif of choice, it’s time that you did, preferably at La Voile in Boston. (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Greeting SC girls at La Voile

Greeting my friend and fellow Boston blogger, Mackenzie of @sixfeetinheels at La Voile restaurant in Boston (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Greeting SC girls at La Voile

Another SC friend of mine and fellow Boston blogger Rachel of @therachelreview arrived and, as usual, added so much to the party at La Voile restaurant in Boston (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC girls meeting at La Voile

This darling and fellow #bossbabe, Gretchen of @livinglifepretty, helped me plan this event, offered moral support, brought the beautiful floral arrangements, and topped off our party with the lovely SC balloons that are so photo-worthy! Also pictured are Jen of @preppyfrancophile (right) and the lovely blond locks and jean jacket of Emily of @thesparkleedit (left). Fabulous time networking and brainstorming with these Style Collective ladies at La Voile (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC girls meeting at La Voile

Boston fashion and lifestyle blogger Robyn of @amodestlife brought so much life to our party! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC girls meeting at La Voile

Boston fashion blogger Katie of @klassicallykaytee holding court at our SC Podcast Launch Party! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC girls meeting at La Voile

Vrunda of the @pandyasisters came to represent her and her sister Nili’s new fashion, beauty, and food influencer account. We love her! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC girls with balloons

Chatting about our love of all things French with Jen of @preppyfrancophile (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

We sipped on our Kirs, mixed and mingled with our fellow #girlboss bloggers, and enjoyed the delicious hors-d’oeuvre. As the event progressed, we listened to the “Becoming Fearless” Podcast, chatted about our goals and fears and what inspires us. While I always considered myself someone who worked well on my own, I have to say that it really means a lot to find other ladies who are doing what I am doing and relate to what I experience as a blogger.

Horsdoeuvre at La Voile Boston

Gorgeous surprise amuse-bouches from the chef at La Voile! We were so honored (and spoiled!). Merci beaucoup! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Horsdoeuvre at La Voile Boston

Foie gras and charcuterie, straight out of Cannes, France. Nous adorons La Voile à Boston! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Fromage at La Voile Boston

Quatre fromages de la France at La Voile (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Listening to the SC Podcast

Influencer networking and celebrating the SC Podcast!

SC Podcast Launch Party

The SC sisters are true Insta pros! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC Podcast Launch Party

Les hors-d’oeuvre chez La Voile (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC Podcast Launch Party

Lunching at the exquisite La Voile (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

La Voile Boston

Impeccable French service at La Voile (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Annie Spano speaking to SC sisters

Annie Spano inspiring her Boston Style Collective bloggers and entrepreneurs (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Annie did a special Instagram Live from our Boston SC Podcast Launch Party, and of course all of the influencer girls had their phones at the ready to share our experience. To show my appreciation to the girls, I put together goody bags for each girl with the inspiring memoir by Diane von Furstenberg, The Woman I Wanted to Be, which is a favorite of mine and so inspirational. Girls also received beauty products from Neutrogena and Nivea in the theme of taking care of our authentic selves!

SC goody bags at Podcast Launch Party at La Voile in Boston

Style Collective goody bags for our Podcast Launch Party in Boston! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC girls Insta Live

Style Collective Podcast Launch Instagram Live! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC Insta Live

If an amazing #girlboss luncheon happened at a phenomenal French restaurant on Newbury in Boston, and nobody Instagrammed it, did it really happen? (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC sisters at Podcast Launch in Boston

Cheers to #becomingfearless! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

La Voile wine rack Boston

Excellent selection of French wines at La Voile (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Chablis wine at La Voile

Crisp Chablis white wine from France for our luncheon at La Voile (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

SC sisters with wine at La Voile

Women supporting women! #becomingfearless #werisetogether (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

Sharing horsdoeuvre with SC girls at La Voile

The French know how to hors-d’oeuvre, especially at La Voile in Boston! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

We enjoyed delicious Chablis wine as we dined and even enjoyed delicious custom-made Style Collective macarons from Dana’s Bakery (thank you @danasbakery!).

Dana's Bakery macarons

Style Collective macarons from Dana’s Bakery in New York (Photo credit: @livinglifepretty)

SC macarons closeup

SC branding! Thank you Dana’s Bakery! We loved them!

We were even able to celebrate Style Collective Founder Annie Spano’s birthday with a lovely gâteau au chocolat! Her podcast launched on her birthday, May 9th. If you are a #girlboss, listen to the free Style Collective Becoming Fearless Podcast! I promise, you will be inspired.

Style Collective Boston group

The group of Boston Style Collective social media influencers who celebrated the “Becoming Fearless” Podcast Launch Event in Boston! (Photo credit: @jsaulsky)

These beautiful, entrepreneurial, creative, and fun Style Collective women made this event better than I even dreamed! Thank you to Annie Spano for creating Style Collective, merci to La Voile for your class, generosity, and French authenticity in Boston, and thank you to all the Boston #SC girls who came out to celebrate #BecomingFearless.

Are you living authentically? What can you do to find “your people” and make your interests come alive through business networking? Do you love fashion, style, or French cuisine? How do you celebrate this part of your life? Answer in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you!

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Much love to you all – I hope you all chase after your dreams and always seek to find “your people!”

À bientôt,


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